Top 5 Packing Items for Your Cruise

Published on 4 April 2023 at 13:49

Here are the top 5 packing items you will need for your cruise: 

#1- A lanyard. You will receive a card that acts as your room key and charging card. This will also be scanned to get on and off of the ship at ports. Keeping it in a lanyard is the easiest way to keep it on you at all times! 

#2- Magnetic hooks. The doors in your stateroom are metal. Bringing hooks with you can help keep things organized and a perfect place to hang your lanyards by the door. 

#3- A pool bag. This would actually be ideal for your carry on. You will check your luggage when you arrive at the ship and may not see it until later that night. We brought it to the pool and to Coco Beach Club at Coco Cay. 

#4- A water bottle. We would fill those up with our cups of water at the pool so we didn't have to keep going back and forth. 

#5- Towel clips! This isn't necessarily needed, but they sure are helpful! It can be pretty windy on the top pool deck, so clipping your towel to your seat can help prevent some frustration while trying to relax!

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